How To Produce More Females From Regular Seeds

Grow More Females From Seed

      Environmental factors start influencing sex the moment this evening has three pairs of true leaves. Environmental factors that influence sex determination of cannabis include but are not limited to;

  • Increasing the level of nitrogen makes more female plants.  
  • Lower the nitrogen level to create more male plants.
  • Increase the level of potassium to increase male tendencies; lowering the potassium level encourages female plants.
  • A higher nitrogen level and lower potassium level for the first two weeks increases females.
  • Lower temperatures increase the number of female plants.
  • Warm temperatures make more male plants.
  • High humidity increases the number of female plants.
  • Low humidity increases male plants.
  • Low growing medium moisture increases males.
  • More blue light increases the number of female plants.
  • More red light increases male tendencies.
  • Fewer hours of daylight increases the numbers of females.
  • Longer days make more male plants.
  • Stress: any environmental stress tends to yield more mail plants when growing from seed

Source: adapted from Henkel, owner of Dutch Passion Seeds  

I've had pretty good luck so far using the info above to get more girls, give it a try and see if if works for you...