When I was Young I Took A Lot Of Acid

Art by R. Crumb

Art by R. Crumb

The first time I tripped ( I think I was at least 16, I hope!)  I was at my friend's w/ a group of my stoner girl besties, just  as I was getting off my MOTHER called and WANTED me HOME! I about shit my pants! I went home and stayed in my room, tripping until my parents were asleep then I slipped into my Mom's art studio and listened to music. If I recall correctly,  I wrote my bestie a loooong letter.

I'm glad it was a good trip & that my parents didn't find out. I didn't have any bad experiences w/psychedelics (acid)  until I was older, then after a couple of those I never did it again. Cemeteries are NOT fun places to visit when you're tripping.

I didn't do it a whole lot in my teens. There was a time in my early twenties that my friend has sheets of it. His wife was working and he wasn't so I would clean the house in exchange for some and his wife thought he was doing the cleaning. I was a young hustler. That's when I also quit doing it too.

I caught the tail end of the good stuff, when it was real LSD ( Windowpane, 4Way) and not some strychnine, rat poison BS like it is now. If you're going to experiment with psychedelics, stick w/ shrooms. There's a link to them below this post BTW.  

If your going to trip, make sure you're in a positive & happy state of mind before hand. Sometimes when people have issues/drama or depression & take a  psychedelic, it can make for a bad trip from what I've seen. I never had a bad trip when I freaked out or anything. I have seen some cool colors though! 

I know people that were permanently affected by too much LSD. One guy was hospitalized because he lost it and was totally wigged out. I don't think he was ever the same. What a shame. Always use moderation and have a "babysitter" when you try it for the first time or anytime for that matter....