Whatchu'Smokin' On?

It's always great when you know your budtenders well & they recommend the fire. It was suggested that I get the Tahoe OG & I did... it REEKS! I had it in my purse and could smell it when I was at the salon.so I decided to keep my purse with me while I got a haircut. It's always a plus when the  budtender is cute! I told one of them I see often that he looks like Randy Shelton?  I'm not sure if that right, he's a country & western singer and is on the TV show called the Voice? I knew the name the other day when I said that to him. I hate brain farts!  The bud tender mentioned that there been a lot of rip offs on outdoor grow ops going on locally.  I'm sure for some that got ripped off it was their own fault. They were probably showing em off. It might not be the person that was shown the plants but someone they told, That's why you keep your mouth shut. Dpn;t go showing off your plants, not matter how much you want to. It's best to NOT TELL A SOUL! I'm dead serious too.

I HIGHLY doubt that I would post any grow pics if I wasn't legal but... That just me. I try to keep it on the DL- there's only 1 person that has seen my room & thats my sister. You're better off safe than sorry! It sure would suck to tend to a crop and have it ripped off! That's why it's good to have a video cam system in place. They might have seen who it was who stole their crop. That's one thing I'm happy that we have. Can't call the cops but maybe you'll find out the thief was your neighbor.