Peat Vs. Coco Coir

This is from the Royal Gold Soil website.

Organic Potting Soil; Coco vs. Peat Moss
"There are several reasons why gardening in Coco is much better than gardening in peat based soils; First, and foremost, concern for the environment. Peat should not be seen as a sustainable product because it takes hundreds of years to form. Peat bogs also contain huge amounts of carbon- twice as much as the forest do worldwide. Once the peat bogs are dried out, the carbon is released into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. None of our natural resources have been depleted in the making of our product because coconuts fall to the ground every day. Coco coir can also be used up to five times, saving you time and money. When you are finished with the coir, simply mix into your outdoor garden or yard.
Another significant problem with peat moss mixes is when they dry out, they become very difficult to rewet. The soil then actually repels more water than it absorbs! The soil shrinks inside the pot, pulling away from the sides and damaging the roots. When coco becomes dry, it doesn’t shrink inside the pot and is easily rewet."

Thanks Royal Gold!  I was just mentioning why I won't use peat moss in my soil mix. Not only is it not sustainable & it messes up PH in your soil.

I found out last night (after I made a Vlog on my base soil mix) that the Black Gold soil I used is 45-55% peat moss! Oh Noooooooo! I'm not using the rest of it. I'm going to purchase some Royal Gold today. Their soil is a great product sold by a great company!