Drainage Rock In Smart Pots? Yes Or No?

I use both smart pots & plastic pots. I was told that smart pots need a layer of drainage rock in the bottom by a trusted soure yet came across this today below

Hard-walled containers like these also need an inch of Drain Rock in the bottom of the pot, to keep the roots from sitting in pooled water. Most garden centers sell bags of 1” lava rock for this purpose, or you can use the ¾” drain rock landscapers use for drain pipe trenches.
One advantage of Smart Pots—breathable fleece pots—is that they do not need a layer of drain rock in the bottom of the pot. There’s free air exchange all around the pot, so root rots don’t set in. The sides of the pot also don’t heat up, so roots stay cooler. (Hmmmmmmm........) 
If you use the free-draining potting mix recipe below in wooden planter boxes or window boxes, they won’t need drain rock, either. Heavier commercial mixes—including Foxfarm’s Ocean Forest—do need drain rock in all containers except Smart Pots.

- See more at: http://www.grow-it-organically.com/container-gardening-drainage.html#sthash.bCciDeA2.dpuf

What do you think?