Stoner Girl?: Vanessa Hudgins

Former Disney star of High School Musical was out jogging and sporting a Dank T-shirt that uses a Disney D. on it. I'm sure Disney just loves that! I wonder if Disney has a trademark on that D? ...The answer to that question is no. A font type can not be trademarked. 



I sometimes wonder where a lot of  celebrities get their weed from. Imagine being a dope dealer to the stars. I'm sure many get their flunkeys to get it for them, like Beiber. I also wonder if they buy it in large quantities like a half pound of Sour D and a half pound of OG Kush. I bet some celebrities even have their own growers, hell, I would if I had that kind of money.

I'm sure Vanessa didn't think so many news media outlets would be reporting

on her shirt...Only in America!