This is your dog on drugs: Marijuana poisoning on the rise in pets


I can't believe somebody filmed their dog high on pot! It's not cool and it's disgusting to think that  people deliberately give their dog pot just for kicks. I'm not saying that's what happened to the dog in the video BTW...

Seeing your dog so stoned that they can't walk is no picnic, believe me, I've personally witnessed how scary it can be. My first experience with it was in my early twenties when my sister- in- laws' Chocolate Lab ate two grams of hash! That dog was fucked up and slept for two days! 

My own dog stole a medible from me twice. It was awful. The 1st time I was driving home from the store when I got a call from my guy saying he thought the dog was sick or something. I went home and my dog was lying on the floor not moving. I'd say  key words that would normally get a reaction from him but I got zero response... that was a bad sign. I thought he was dying. I was crying on him and I was confused because he was fine earlier. I didn't know what was going on and then it dawned on me and I went to go see if my medible was still where I left it and it was gone. He did eat it!  I admit that I felt relief knowing what was wrong with him. He was so out of it and... incontinent too. I babysat him and watched him like a hawk. A few hours later he was up, acting fine like nothing happened, despite a little wobbliness. I could've kicked myself in the ass later because it would have been a great time to cut his nails!

I knew he didn't consume a amount large enough to put him into coma. I haven't heard of any dogs  going into a coma or dying from eating pot. Now I make sure I put any medibles in the refrigerator as soon as I bring them in the house or if i make my own. It's a practice I should've started BEFORE he ate them. 

In my research of the subject, cannabis can be safe for pets but in small doses and not with chocolate or raisins (they are VERY toxic to dogs) as it can help with seizures, chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, stress and also cures different forms of cancer. Also, my friend gave his seventeen year old dog <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">RSO</a>&nbsp; to make his dog's last days on earth more comfortable. Cannabis can be used to treat animals with the same diseases and cancer that humans have. I often joked about having a Compassion Club strictly for dogs... just watch... it will happen... sooner or later... Keep on eye on my predictions... I'm usually spot on!

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Excerpt from article This is your dog on drugs: Marijuana poisoning on the rise in pets by Brian Alexander NBC

Marijuana butter is especially dangerous. “People put weed and a stick of butter in a sauce pan and the fat soluble cannabinoids leech into the butter creating a much higher concentration of THC,” Wismer explained.

Users then make brownies or cookies with the butter, and dogs, being dogs, and loving brownies and cookies, may scarf them down when a pet owner isn’t looking.

In the case of brownies, that’s doubly dangerous. Chocolate, a heart and nervous system stimulant in dogs, is one of the leading causes of dog poisonings in the U.S. Last year, the ASPCA poison control center received 9,200 calls related to chocolate poisoning, dwarfing the number of calls for marijuana.

But cookies can be doubly dangerous, too, Booth said. He’s seen cases of dogs ingesting marijuana-laced raisin oatmeal cookies, but the real problem wasn’t so much the marijuana as the raisins, which can be toxic to dogs, causing kidney failure.

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