Tincture Recipe From Mary

     I want to thank Mary for sharing this recipe for cannabis tincture. I've used a tincture before and really liked it. Mary mentioned she was making a batch last week and I asked her to share it with me so I can share it with others that have been interested in making it.


Cold Process Tinture

2 oz or so of ground cannabis. I like to fill a quart mason jar 2/3 - 3/4 full.

One bottle of everclear,  moonshine or whatever high proof alcohol you can come up with. Stay away from fruity stuff.

Fill jar till the alcohol covers the cannabis. Agitate for 5 min. Let sit for 5 min then agitate for five min again. I do this for 15 min.

Then let it sit in a cool dark place for 3 months. I agitate it every day for 5min. 

After 3 months strain off the mixture and use as you wish. 

I'm trying to find out if you can flavor it after it's done. The tincture I had was orange flavored... I'll update as soon as I find out.

xx gtg