Series: Cannabis & Me- Stoner Stories


    I was getting dressed for work one morning about ten years ago. My co-worker who was also my friend would pick me up in the morning for work. As I was pulling a fleece jacket over my head the zipper somehow got zipped ONTO my eyelid and it was stuck!  I couldn't figure out what the **** was going on.  I thought this must be what men go through when they get the skin of their penis caught in the zipper of their pants. The pain is excruciating. The skin on the eyelid is so thin and delicate too.

     I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I couldn't really move my arms because the fleece was in the process of being pulled up so my arms were stuck at mid-level. It was ridiculous. I think I went into shock a little and definitely panicked. I didn't know what to. I envisioned a trip to the hospital.

Much to my relief, my friend showed up before long and he could not believe what had happened. I must admit we did manage to laugh a little at the insanity of it and it proved to be a big buzz killer.

      At first he tried to unzip it while  I was freaking out. It wouldn't budge. Next, he tried cutting it away with scissors but that didn't work either so he grabbed the material on either side of the zipper and pulled them apart fast without any knowledge what he was going to do! I nearly fainted. I immediately ran into the blood, eyelid not ripped off halfway. I was so relieved that my eyelid was free yet it hurt horribly and my eyelid had an IMPRINT from the zipper on it. I was worried it would never go away and I'm pleased to say it did about twenty-four hours later.

     I'll never forget that scene and as you can imagine. I was absolutely paranoid afterwards whenever i had to pull something over my head with a zipper. My fleece ended up ruined that day, but I still had my eye and it's lid! So take heed and be careful when putting on your clothes. It can be extremely dangerous!

xx Samantha