In The Garden: Update

it's been awhile since I posted a garden update. I've been extremely busy w/ a bunch of business stuff including the development of  this new site. 

NEW! I added some new genetics to the garden. It's not what I had hoped to pick up -which was a Death Star. I picked up a strain called Rare Darkness  that I picked up at a different collective yesterday. It was a pretty cool place. It's always different to walk into one that the front doors aren't locked....  

I have 3 plants in their 4th week of flowering- almost there! I added two more just last week. 

New Light! 

New Light! 

My new light- I  love it for many reasons.... It's so easy to move from room to room. Easy to hang. Doesn't put out a lot of heat and you can have it pretty close to the plants. It will be great for the grow tent. It's also great for sidelighting. I love sale items and try to pick them up if it's something that's beneficial to the garden.