The Serviceman

We recently had a new furnace/central air unit replaced with a new one. That meant that the company that was installing it would naturally be in the house, right next to my flower room! They could hear the fans & exhaust running, light showing thru vent in door etc. I didnt hide anything just made sure it was tidy.They were here for two days. On the second day they were finishing up when one of them said to the man of the house, " I see you're growing some of those super tomatoes."  He then proceeded to pull a card out of his wallet. He had a caregivers card which looks a tad different than mine. How funny is that! I know "Max" just died. He told the guy it wasn't his and that the lady of the house was the grower. Max doesn't even smoke!
It must have opened a brand new world to some servicemen who have never been around a medical marijuana  grow before.