Cannabis & Me: Stoner Stories

I'm starting a new series of posts on my blog called Cannabis and Me. 

My friends always told me I should write a book. My life's adventures would be a thick volume, you have no idea, but perhaps you will soon! LOL I think you're going to like this series.

I thought I'd introduce this series with a poem I wrote. I googled Cannabis Poems and saw there wasn't jack shit so I gave it a shot. If a poem just flows out of me... I know it's good but I have also struggled with writing something and it turned out good. Writing is a passion of mine, I'm good. It just takes awhile for it to be good meaning, editing, editing, editing and then edit more. I do have an editor. We've banged heads pretty hard over some of my work (professional)  if we hadn't, they wouldn't never have turned out as well as they did. 


Cannabis and me

Got a long history

Like a nurse,

She eased my pain

Like a good friend,

She made me laugh,

When I wanted to frown

She took me on

Journeys abound

To places

I'll never go again

She introduced me to

Countless souls


And we shared a bowl

She got me through

Tough times

Enhanced the

Good times

And made the


Not so


Sparked ideas

I would not

ever have had


She amplified

My creativity


My Imagination

I have known her longer

Than I have not

She is a part of me

Who I am 

I grew up with her

I watched her evolve

She watched me morph

countless times

Into who 

I am now....

I am grateful

She's been

At hand

To give me

A hand

The ole' saying goes

"Life's A Bitch"

But with her around

It isn't so much

No regrets.

- gtg