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Call To My Bestie

Continuing Series... picked up from last post...

I called my bestie that I had mentioned in the previous post on the phone last week. I wanted to confirm some events and make sure my memory was correct. She's good for filling in details that I forgot. This is what ensued...

It turned out that I was right, we did not get high until the third time we smoked pot. She said for her it wasn't until the fifth time that she got really high and she actually hallucinated! She looked at our friend DeAnn and DeAnn's face was not her own but that of a dog from a cartoon on TV at that time. The show was called The Barkley's and it was weird because she had never even seen the cartoon before.

The word that best describes our smoke sessions at that age is... crazy. The pot certainly heightened our senses. Everything not only seemed surreal, but very dramatic and intense.  I recall one time in the woods where I had some lettuce the neighbors gave me to give to our ducks. I don't remember what happened exactly but I was crying and carrying on about the lettuce because something happened to it ( my friend says I threw it). They were laughing at me and I eventually was too.  I remember exactly where we were. It was in a little valley on the path that led from my parents to the boys house and it seemed like we were there for hours on end,

It wasn't long after I first tried pot that I started to get high with my brother who is 4 years older then I. I don't remember the first time we smoked together but we've been smoking buds since then and I have a bunch of stories that revolve around him and I getting high together I'll share later. 

Behind my parents house lived 3 boys whom were all around my age. Since we lived far from town there wasn't  much of a choice on who to hang out with. There were just a handful of kids in our neck of the woods and my bests and the boys were the only ones in the immediate area. I was eventually forbidden to hang around with them because they were a bad influence according to my parents. We got a kick out of that and I snuck behind my parents back and lied like a rug  to my parents in order to still hang out with them.

 One Saturday afternoon, we were in the woods and the neighbor boy (Todd) either wanted to try smoking some pot or we talked him into it, I think it was the former.  We got him high and he totally lost it! He was way too stoned and was freaking out bad! Until this day we still laugh about him saying that he was, "Sinking in butter" and that he wanted to go to the hospital! We couldn't have that happen so we took him to a camper that was parked off the side of their garage. I tried to talk him down and luckily talked him out of wanting to go to the hospital. It was a trip. We were scared that we were going to get busted for getting him high, but nothing happened and no one found out - thank goodness. 

The three boys that lived behind us were some pretty cool friends to have. Scott was a year older, Mikey was the same age as I and Ricky was a year younger (sadly he died from a brain tumor a few years ago).  Their parents had a lot of property, at least forty acres and so did their Grandma who lived real close on and old pig farm. Their parents were the bomb and let them drive their cars on the property. I couldn't believe it! They also had awesome toys... motorbikes, minibikes and snowmobiles. We spent countless winters getting high and snowmobiling. They had a big sled to attached to the snowmobile and riding in that was a riot! We would ride the snowmobiles for hours and I'm grateful to this day I was able to enjoy the freedom and fun their "toys" provided. It certainly enhanced my teen years. 

So by thirteen years old, all of us in our little neck of the woods were smoking pot fairly regularly. We also started doing it at school. In the bathroom! My bestie and I had a class together and whenever we did, it meant trouble. We were always getting the giggles real bad and acting silly, especially me.  My parents had it all wrong. My girlfriends weren't a bad influence on me it was more the other way around except when it came to sex. No one influenced anybody and my bestie was already humping the neighbor boy at thirteen yrs old.  I waited a few more years. At thirteen she was sneaking out of her window at night. I didn't sneak out as much as her and my brother. My parents house is two stories tall and you could climb out my brothers window onto the roof of an attachment that was only one story tall. From there you could climb down a 30 ft antenna that was connected to the roof. We only had to climb down 15 feet  and once we had to jump... into a snowbank because if we didn't we would've got caught skipping school. My Mom and sister came home early and there was about 6 kids over the house. because our house was the party spot when the parents weren't around and that's where I'll pick up nest time.. stay tuned... TBC... xx gtg xx




Cannabis & Me: Stoner Stories

I'm starting a new series of posts on my blog called Cannabis and Me. 

My friends always told me I should write a book. My life's adventures would be a thick volume, you have no idea, but perhaps you will soon! LOL I think you're going to like this series.

I thought I'd introduce this series with a poem I wrote. I googled Cannabis Poems and saw there wasn't jack shit so I gave it a shot. If a poem just flows out of me... I know it's good but I have also struggled with writing something and it turned out good. Writing is a passion of mine, I'm good. It just takes awhile for it to be good meaning, editing, editing, editing and then edit more. I do have an editor. We've banged heads pretty hard over some of my work (professional)  if we hadn't, they wouldn't never have turned out as well as they did. 


Cannabis and me

Got a long history

Like a nurse,

She eased my pain

Like a good friend,

She made me laugh,

When I wanted to frown

She took me on

Journeys abound

To places

I'll never go again

She introduced me to

Countless souls


And we shared a bowl

She got me through

Tough times

Enhanced the

Good times

And made the


Not so


Sparked ideas

I would not

ever have had


She amplified

My creativity


My Imagination

I have known her longer

Than I have not

She is a part of me

Who I am 

I grew up with her

I watched her evolve

She watched me morph

countless times

Into who 

I am now....

I am grateful

She's been

At hand

To give me

A hand

The ole' saying goes

"Life's A Bitch"

But with her around

It isn't so much

No regrets.

- gtg