Featured Artist: MrsHomeGrower420

I LOVE the paisley print! This is very cool! I love it! 

Very cool abstract Lion! Rawrrrrrrrrr! 

I like this a lot too....

Beautiful! Love the color scheme! 

I thought this was a sweet pic with the geometric pattern!

I want to thank MrsHomeGrower420 for sharing her art with me! I had no idea she was an artist until I posted a pic from a previous post and she mentioned her work, I checked it out and felt it was more than worthy for a feature post, wouldn't you agree? 

420 Artists: Moonlit Goddess

I came across an account on twitter yesterday and fell in love with the artwork displayed, especially the drawing below...Yes, I'm crazy about the color purple which is one reason I liked it so much but I really like her style (unique) and great use of shading. She has her perspective down, that's something I haven't been able to master.  

                                             I love this a lot too! 

She really is a gorgeous "goddess" !  I would love to purchase that 1st drawing, that's how much I like it. I'm glad I stumbled across her art work, I find it very uplifting.... I am definitely a new fan! 

You can see more of her excellent art here http://eiramaras-art.tumblr.com

Follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/eiramaras_