Product Review: SuperThrive

  New Rule: (I feel like Bill Maher) any product readily available at Walmart (I boycott that store) and some other places like Kmart aren't NOT designed for cannabis growing! 

There is a product called SuperThrive that is banned in several States. That in itself should throw up a red flag to a grower of a plant you're ingesting into your lungs. 

Here are the facts:  

The hormone 1-Naphthyl acetic acid (NAA) does not occur naturally. Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), products containing NAA require registration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as pesticides. The sale of Superthrive is prohibited in Oklahoma,Minnesota, and Oregon as an unregisteredpesticide.

In support of the plant regulator clarification amendment called “A National Tribute” on the SUPERthrive boxes that states: In 1972, 6 unanimous votes in the U.S. Congress protected SUPERthrive's nontoxic and unrivalled formula from pointless, illegal pressures for exposure to piracy. The legislation was supported by 36 leading professional, trade and horticultural associations, and over 3,000 professional petitions affirming their environment-aiding essentially. The nation voiced its concern for availability in the U.S. And the House of Representatives Agriculture Committee General Counsel said “The agriculturists all supported you.”

Uses include transplanting, reviving, and general strengthening of growth of trees and other plants.

The SUPERthrive product has many adherents, not only professional horticulturists, but, according to its packaging: "US Departments of Agriculture, Army, Navy; states, cities,[2] counties,[3]universities."

SUPERthrive was developed by Dr. John A. A. Thomson. He was the first chemist to receive the National Lawn & Garden Marketing & Distribution Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.[4][5]

I freaked out when I read someone saying they used SUPERthrive  every time they watered! their plants. That is messed up. I can tell when someone has been using some funky product on their plants (Miracle Grow) The buds always look leafier.  I under stand a couple of drops  for rooting but to use it all the time? I hope it hasn't done any physical harm to them! 

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